Becoming Electrician in the USA

According to the officially adopted classification, there are 3 categories of Electricians in the United State and Canada: Apprentice, Journeyman Electrician, and Master Electrician, Apprentice Electrician, working under supervision, being the lowest level of competence and skills, while and Master Electrician the highest. Also there exists a separate trade of Electrician's Helper that can be pursued either as independent career path, or serve as a foundation for becoming a certified Electrician through apprenticeship with the time passing and accumulation of individual hands-on experience.

There are several ways available for entering the trade of Electrician through getting the required training or education. Aspiring electrician may wish to consider vocational school training, electrician course, apprenticeship program or specialized course as part of University electrical engineering education. Starting in the field in the capacity of Electrician Helper, which later can be an important record to reflect on your CV, can be very wise choice before enrolling on Electrician or Assistant Electrician training program. As Electrician Helper an aspiring Electrician enjoys many advantages, one of them getting a decent salary, while picking up variety of skills on electric appliances repairs, residential electric circuit installation etc.

There is no unified nationwide Electrician licensing program or requirements, and not every state requires Electricians getting licensed. Meanwhile, some states require not only license at state level, but also one issued at the level of city, county, or community. Being licensed as, say, Journeyman Electrician in Pennsylvania and working there as a residential or inside wireman doesn't mean a worker is cleared to work legally as Electrician in New Jersey, regardless of the availability of certification. In their work Electricians of all levels and their helpers, who has no right for doing unsupervised job, are obligated to adhere to the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Difference between Journeyman Electrician and Master Electrician.

It's understandable that Master Electrician is the highest qualification in the trade, and it is often that Journeyman Electricians has no other choice than work on contract for Master Electricians until they have completed the necessary 6000 - 8000 hours of field work that are required before becoming eligible to apply for Master Electrician license. The limit of 2000 hours per year of work that can be credited by licensing authorities is often set. Only a holder of Master Electrician license has right to found a business and to perform inspection for construction and other industries. The other way of getting Master Electrician license that makes it possible to start one's own contractor business is through availability of Bachelor's Degree in electrical engineering.

To make this information on ways and opportunities to get Electrician training in the USA and Canada, career pursuers can also attend electrician courses during their conscription time and from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

Review on becoming Electrician in the UK comes soon. Also we'll review some of the specialized jobs available for holders of Electrician certificate or diploma, such as offshore Oil Rig Electrician, Residential Electrician, Industrial Electrician, Ship's Electrician, Aviation Electrician, Alarm System Electrical Technician and many other jobs for people with electrical educational or training background. There are the vacancies to fill! Good piece of news lies in the fact that regardless of the falls and rises in the global economy, demand for electrical workers continues to show steady growth.

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Good day Sir/Madam, I would like to know about possible employment in your company. Last year I was working as flying electrician on product tankers 30k - 75k DWT. My details in CV please check out: Seeking a job in maritime engineering. I am looking for a job as electrical/electronic technician to maintain, rectify, and troubleshoot equipment on board. Previous jobs held: Jobs 1.? Company: Torm A/S. Hired: 22.03.2015 - now. Position: Flying electrician on product/chemical tankers. Responsibilites: Carry out jobs in chief engineer order on six vessels as riding electrician. Maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment on tanker ships. Rectifiy malfunctions with engine room machinery and bridge equipment. Supervise jobs done by shipyard staff during stay in dry dock. Troubleshooting of electrical plant due to sporadic blackout. 2.? Company: Peter Doehle Shiffarts. Hired: 3 contracts in 2012 to 2015. Position: Junior Electrician on container vessels. Responsibilites: Duties as regular electrician on container vessels. Beeing responsible for electrical maintenance program of electric and electronic equipment and rectify occurred problems. Maintain in good working order reefer containers with 8MW power plant, container cranes on deck and electronic engine MAN. Beginning of carrier as Electrician Cadet on vessel Petrohue, single electrician on board as Assistant rank on vessel Vera D, last contract as Junior Electrician on vessel Tamina. CV ref.: EM23516493TW. Interested employers, please, contact us.


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